“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

– Matthew 28:19

What Is GMA?

About us
God Mode Activated is a ministry-inspired group aiming to build community with people of all backgrounds. GMA hosts many weekly events in and outside of the Discord, including game nights, movie nights, Bible studies, talk shows, etc. and provides an opportunity to connect with people of similar (or different) interests. We also work alongside a group of streamers who are dedicated to sharing the Gospel through their platforms. We bring their communities together, along with others, to fellowship in a common space. While gaming is our main target, we are not limited to gamers solely. Our community is for people who enjoy other hobbies as well, such as anime, comics, music, tabletop games, etc.

Our Mission
The mission of God Mode Activated ministries is to build an authentic online community that is grounded upon the gospel of Jesus Christ to ultimately bring glory to God. Our aim is to share the gospel through video games, social media, video broadcasts, and community gatherings.

Our Vision
We envision thousands of people from every corner of the world united under a new identity in Jesus and sent to love, serve and challenge gamers, nerds and the online community. To achieve this, our prayerful aim is to create an authentic Christ-centered community within the gaming and nerd world.


The admin are the founders of GMA. They take care of day-to-day operations as well as behind the scenes operations. They are always available to answer questions, pray for you, and actively participate in the community.

Staff help the admins run various aspects and teams of GMA. They work behind the scenes as well as staying active in the general community. They are available to answer questions, pray for you, and uphold discord guidelines.

@GMA Affiliated Streamers
The affiliated streamers are GMA’s stream team. They are Godly men and women who are partnered with GMA and its community. They have dedicated their platforms to Christ and are actively sharing the Gospel with their viewers.

Discord Moderators help run and manage the discord. They are here to answer questions, uphold the discord guidelines, and actively participate in the community.


We welcome those wanting to be part of our community. We are not looking to create restrictions or cumbersome rules or force you into some kind of mold, but we do ask for some reasonableness in conduct and content. We don’t require you to be a Christian, but ask you to abide by some standards.

  1. Keep chat clean. No NSFW content or excessive cussing. Keep in mind we may have younger members.
  2. Absolutely NO discrimination or hate speech will be tolerated. Please treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  3. Please refrain from using @ here or @ everyone to start conversation. In addition, please refrain from excessively spamming chat.
  4. If a problem arises, we ask for discussion to remain civil and non-insulting. Please be understanding that not everyone will hold the same view as you.
  5. We do not advocate follow for follow, sub for sub, or host for host. Join in the community, build friendships, and support one another simply because you like each others’ content and company. Upon reaching level 5, you will have permission to promote your content.

Adding Ranks

Server Roles
The God Mode Activated Discord server is CUSTOMIZABLE to your own interests. Dynobot allows you to add your own roles so you can view the channels you’re interested in, but won’t see the ones you’re not. Each affiliated streamer has a rank and a section in the discord. Some ranks also include different consoles, platforms, and hobbies.

  1. To view the discord roles, type “?ranks” in the bot command channel
  2. To add a discord role, type “?rank [rank name]” in the bot command channel. (ex. “?rank Nintendo”)

Bot Commands

join/leave rank: “?rank [name]”
List of ranks: “?ranks”
Rock Paper Scissors: “?rps [rock, paper, or scissors]”
Roll dice: “?roll [number]”
Flip a coin: “?flip”
“?define [word]”
“?weather [location]”

Check your level: “!rank”
Check the leaderboard: “!levels”
Add bot to channel: “!join” (music)
Add song to the queue: “!add [song title, link]”
Play the playlist: “!play”
View the playlist: “!playlist”
Remove bot from channel: “!leave”