Why donate to god mode activated?

God Mode Activated has the mission to connect gamers to Christ. The way this is done is through our media ministry online and convention and meet-ups in person. In order to be the most effective in reaching the gaming world around us, funds are needed to provide important work on our media as well as being able to get our teams the resources they need to get conventions and meet-ups and effectively minister to gamers. 


monthly donations

If you are very blessed with a great job or worked very hard for what you have, you may be able to consistently help others. Monthly donations are going to be what allows us to continually make a difference in the gaming community by allowing us to cover the regular expenses of the ministry.

one time donations

Single donations add up quickly. Even if you are not able to give a substantial amount, if 100 people gave $5, we could replace 2 broken game consoles or send someone to a convention to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Never think that a small one-time donation is insignificant. It can make a difference.