leadership teams


pastor doostyn

Chief Executive Officer

Dustin serves as an associate and children’s pastor in Texas where he and his wife Lawren have 4 beautiful children. Dustin is known as the “Demon-Slaying Pastor” on Twitch, where he often streams Doom amongst of variety of games, all while sharing the Gospel.


Chief Operating Officer

Catie has always had a passion for ministry and helping others in need. She lives in Northern Michigan where she enjoys theatre, friends, and being on the lake. Catie is currently working on getting her Bachelor’s in Digital Media Production.


Ministry Leader

Tyler is an associate pastor in Iowa and married with 2 daughters. He enjoys gaming, good coffee and his favorite sports teams. Occasionally, you can find him streaming a variety of games live on Twitch.

mr mattato

 Outreach Director

Matt and his wife, whom he met through GMA, are raising their 3 nephews to be Godly men. He serves in ministry full-time as the Tech Director for his church. Matt loves to hang out, play games and has a background in playing professionally.

tropical turtle

Discord Community Manager

Megan currently lives in West Virginia with her husband, whom she met through GMA, and their 3 nephews. She loves music, gaming and working on graphic design.


Chief Marketing Officer

pastors after dark

PAD is a podcast and live show every Sunday at 10 pm est where 4 of our pastors here at God Mode Activated answer some of the toughest questions in the Christian faith. We aim to give real and raw answers to the questions that people usually shy away from answering. Join us live on Twitch and Mixer, or listen in your own time on Spotify.


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Agree 2 Disagree

The showdown has arrived. What happenswhen an immovable object meets anunstoppable force? You get Kolt and Kennethan prepared to Agree 2 Disagree. There are four topics ranging the gamut. One topic is picked by chat so you all areapart of the agreement…. Or is itdisagreement? Join us every Tuesday night at 9pm EST

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board of directors


Seth spent his teenage years working for his parents in media for churches and non-profit organizations. He has an associates degree in Christian Ministry and is passionate about bringing Christ to the gaming community.


 Colt was late to the gaming party, having spent his childhood and teenage years more focused on sports. His inner nerd wasn’t discovered until later in life when he met his wife, Lori. Now, he currently resides in Texas with his wife and their two daughters.


Ken is a long time gamer who is blessed with 4 adult children who are also gamers. He is an aeronautical engineer from Washington state who loves Jesus and playing games. He is Unashamed of the Gospel and wants other gamers to know Jesus as well.


Jake is a follower of God, husband, son, friend, and a full-time content creator. His single goal is to connect the unconnected online to Jesus Christ. You can often find him on Twitch where he streams a variety of games.


With bachelor and master degrees, Jay is now a full-time pastor in California where he lives with his wife and two dogs. Jay also regularly streams to twitch where he aims to bridge the gap between God and gamers.