Welcome to the first of hopefully many articles to come as we regularly share updates and highlights from our ministry efforts.

About God Mode Activated and our vision.

God Mode Activated is a community and ministry aimed at spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of the internet and video games. GMA was founded on October 15th 2018 by a small group of friends who felt God calling them to build an authentically Christ-centered community in which all people are welcome to join and learn the Word of God. Since launching the community it has grown to over 200 active members who fellowship with each other in our Discord server.

Our outreach and discipleship efforts.

A crucial part of GMA’s outreach effort is it’s Stream Team which is currently comprised of 6 highly talented content creators that provide engaging live content and have a passion for spreading the gospel with their viewers on Twitch. In addition to our Stream Team the God Mode Activated staff are working diligently to plan IRL meetups at multiple gaming/comic conventions in 2019. Lastly, GMA hosts weekly Bible studies every Thursday night at 9pm EST – 6pm PST, these community Bible studies strive to offer meaningful biblical insight for both new and old believers.

Stay Tuned as more details and the latest updates unfold…