God Mode News

October 15th, 2019

Written and organized by: Catastrophic


Board of Directors

God Mode Activated is pleased to announce our new board of directors:

Seth (Freeman) as President/CEO

Colt (Kolt45) as Vice President/COO

Kenneth (Kennethan) as Treasurer/CFO

Catie (Catastrophic) as Secretary/CMO

Jake (tilTruth) as Chair/Outreach Director

Jay (SuperShadow) as Chair/Pastoral Advisor


This group of individuals is dedicated to driving the vision of GMA with hopes of seeing the ministry grow and prosper.



TwitchCon Update

    The month of September was awesome as we saw several of our Staff, Outreach Team, and Community Members attend TwitchCon 2019 in beautiful San Diego, California!  The event delivered as promised as we had the opportunity to play demos of upcoming games, speak to game and product developers, listen to great music, hear great speakers, sit in tutorial break out sessions, and see what Twitch has installed for the future of the streaming platform. Aside from all of the specific convention related activities, we were able to spend time together and get to know each other better. We were able to pray together, eat together, and strengthen our community bond! 

     Furthermore, we went to San Diego with GMA’s mission in mind and were pleased to welcome many new community members from people that we met at the convention.  As we were meeting new people, we were able to converse with members of a charity where we were able to pray and encourage other Christians struggling to find a faith based community in the gaming world. This looks like a promising friendship as we are still in communication with them about some future collaborations that will be incredible.  

     All of that was incredible, but you all support God Mode Activated, not because of the convention and gaming, but because you believe that God is using, and will continue to use God Mode Activated to pursue people for the growth of His Kingdom.  Let me tell you, GMA was all about His business in San Diego as well, as members were praying with others in the convention center, and fearlessly telling people that Jesus is Lord. Members were seen encouraging citizens of San Diego outside of restaurants, praying for them in the streets, and sharing the Gospel with them. Members were even seen sharing their meal with a homeless in their hotel!  There were countless Divine orchestrated appointments where members were in the right place at the right time to meet with people all over the city.

   There was a man named Gabriel. He was sitting outside a restaurant where members were meeting, just staring, looking intently at what they were doing. Two of the members of our Staff went over and spoke to him. He had alcohol on his breath, slightly slurred speech, and seemed confused.  While they spoke to him, they learned that he has not seen his daughter in years, due to some unknown issues. He said he was a believer, and even had a small new testament Bible in his pocket. These Staff members were able to confirm his understanding of the Gospel, and prayed for him, his daughter, and their circumstances. Gabriel was moved, and thanked them as they left.  

     If there is anything to be taken from TwitchCon, it is not the fun times, but the small encounters that our members had with so many people, people like Gabriel, where they left encouraged, uplifted, and loved. Thank you for supporting us, making it possible for us to go out and meet people like Gabriel!

Written by: Jfreak0989



GMA’s One-Year Anniversary

One year ago today, myself and 3 incredible friends came together to start a ministry that God could use as a vessel to shine His light into the gaming world. The start of GMA wasn’t easy. In fact, the road to get there was pretty rocky and came with a lot of hardships for us. We knew, however, that this was an adventure God wanted us to set out on. Quite literally, we had to take a step of faith into the dark, not knowing what would come of it. 

When we I look back at where we were one year ago, I never would have expected us to be where we are today. As we walked through what the vision for GMA was, God pushed us further than we expected. We took every opportunity He gave us and ran with it. Today, We have grown to create a board of directors with 6 individuals full of passion for our mission. We have 3 fantastic staff members who put their heart and soul into this group. We have 5 Outreach Team members with a drive to share the Gospel with gamers. We are blessed with 8 moderators who are willing to actively engage with our community. We are blown away to see 570 discord community members who are so passionate about growing closer to Christ or learning more about Him for the first time.

 Us 4 co-founders are so humbled with all the blessings God has given us over the past year. We know, however, that we have more work to do and God has more plans in store for us. We can’t wait to see what the many more years to come will bring us. Thank YOU for coming along for the ride.

Written by: Catastrophic



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During the entire month of October, GMA is showing its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In addition to sporting a new PINK logo, we have exclusive “Real Gamers Wear Pink” merch, available in a shirt or a hoodie. All profits made from the merch will directly be donated to the American Cancer Society in hopes to continue further research to find a cure for cancer. 

Learn more about Breast Cancer at: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer.html 

You can find the merch at: https://teespring.com/stores/god-mode-activated


Pastors After Dark

For the past couple weeks, myself, SuperShadow, DrHeals, FatherIronheart, and PastorDoostyn have been hard at work to create a new GMA live show called Pastors After Dark. We wanted to create something in which people could ask a question, any question they want, and get a REAL, RAW, AUTHENTIC answer. Sometimes, people are afraid to ask certain questions out of fear of judgment. So, with this show we made a way for people to ask their questions 100% anonymously.

Thus far, we have conducted two episodes, one discussing the purpose of the church, and the other discussing if self-pleasure was sinful. Both episodes have been a huge success and have led to many engaging conversations and discussions not only between the pastors themselves, but also between the live audience, usually consisting of 30-40 people. We have already seen great fruit come from this show and we are excited to see how God continues to use it for His kingdom. 

You can watch the show LIVE at:


Or submit your own questions at:



Written by: Catastrophic


Extra Life Charity Stream and Tournament

     November 2nd will be a day GMA will remember! This is the day we will do our Multi-Community, Extra-Life Fundraiser, Tournament that has come to be called the Trident Tournament. This tournament will involve all members of the community as we compete in three facets. The first aspect of the Tournament will be live streamed service projects. That’s right!  Members of GMA will be conducting service projects in their own hometowns and communities which will be live-streamed all across the internet. The second aspect will be a Team Fight Tactics 4 v 4 Tournament, and the final aspect will consist of live streaming bowling! Yes friends, we will be competing in bowling all across the United States, via live-streaming.  Viewers will see Chirsitans serving, gaming, and engaging in the community, all from 9am to 9pm eastern time. The entire community will have access to our Extra-Life charity information as we chase after raising money for All Children’s Hospitals across the Nation. You will not want to miss this event!


Written by:Jfreak0989


Leadership Highlight: Disasterasauras

Disasterasauras, AKA Jesse,  has been a member of the GMA outreach team for a few months now after being introduced to the group by her friend Rogue_Saint. She sees GMA as a real source of encouragement for her to see so many Christian gamers all bundled up into one strong community. As soon as she joined our group, she knew she wanted to get more involved and wanted to help drive the goal of bringing Jesus and His light to the gaming world. 

In addition to being on the Outreach Team, Jesse also streams regularly to Mixer. Typically, you can find her playing anything from Overwatch to Minecraft and games in between. She writes, “I’ve honestly always took the approach to make friends wherever I go. I saw a short ‘comic’ about 2 wizards, one young and one old. The older wizard had said to the younger wizard ‘As a friendship mage, you must know that if you go out looking for friends, you’ll find that they are very scarce.’ (Of course, this disappointed the younger mage and he said ‘I understand…’ with a frown on his face) BUT…, said the older mage, ‘if you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.’ This is my direction and my goal as a streamer. I absolutely love people and love connecting with people through streaming and it’s what drives me to continually stream. I realize that I may not become the biggest streamer out there or reach the goals that I have set for myself but if I can influence one person for good.. that’s enough for me. To God be the glory in those situations and in my streams!”

When she’s not streaming, you can often find her reading or taking photos and posting to her instagram, Deviantart. She is also a huge fan of Fantasy novels. Something you might not know about Jesse is that she is a twin! She also participates every year in a charity organization called Sacred Selections, which funds adoptions of children into Christian families! It is the most rewarding work to be able to meet the family who will be adopting the child and getting to see their excitement and joy. 

Jesse has been such a blessing to have as part of our team and we can’t wait to see her continue to grow and flourish!