God Mode News

November 17, 2019

Written and organized by: Catastrophic


Staff Updates

God Mode Activated is pleased to announce our newest member of the staff:

FatherIronHeart (Tyler)- Connections and Care Manager

This role is meant to better the community by finding new ways to connect gamers to God Mode Activated and all the awesome events and ministries we have going on. Additionally, he will be working with a care team to provide spiritual, emotional, and mental support for those in need in the community. (More info to come)


Prayer Team

Did you know God Mode Activated has a prayer team that prayers over every single prayer request and praise report we receive? 

This team consists of: 










As a ministry, prayer is one of the most important things that we do. It is at the heart of it all. We recognize that we would not be able to accomplish everything we are able to without praying and asking for God’s guidance. We are so thankful to have a team that is active and ready to pray over the community and its needs.

If you are in need of prayer, you can submit requests at the following link, and one of our team members would love to chat with you: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe3zkbWhUgfI0MENFC1tkxtV0nfKUF-z13wR1pR7F1tFWSNyw/viewform 


Pastors After Dark

Pastors After Dark is a live show broadcasted to both Twitch and Mixer every Sunday evening at 10pm EST. It is hosted by four real-life pastors: SuperShadow, DrHeals, FatherIronHeart, and Pastor Doostyn. This show provides a way for people to ask any question they want 100% anonymously and they will receive a real, raw answer and discussion. 

Thus far, we have conducted five episodes, one discussing the purpose of the church, and the other discussing if self-pleasure was sinful, others on suicide or depression, and much more. All the episodes have been a huge success and have led to many engaging conversations and discussions not only between the pastors themselves, but also between the live audience, usually consisting of 30-40 people. We have already seen great fruit come from this show and we are excited to see how God continues to use it for His kingdom. 

You can watch the show LIVE at:



Or submit your own questions at:



Extra Life Charity Stream 

From November 2nd to November 10th, GMA hosted its first Extra Life Charity week. This event included our outreach team participating in a 24-hour pass the baton style streaming marathon. Many opted to play various games with members or the community and even created some wild incentives to encourage them to donate to Extra Life. Additionally, we hosted a special episode of Pastors After Dark on Sunday evening. During this episode we announced winners to an auction for a graphics pack donated by Anonymouse. At the conclusion of the episode, we invited the entire community to join our team and stream alongside us in efforts to raise funds for the children’s hospitals all across the country. 

Overall, the charity week was very successful. With over 10 people actively streaming for this cause, we were able to raise $845 and had a great time doing it. We look forward to our next charity event coming in Spring of 2020.

Learn more about Extra-Life here: https://www.extra-life.org/ 


Leadership Highlight: PastorDoostyn

PastorDoostyn, AKA Dustin, is a 32-year old Children’s and Associate Pastor from Tyler, Texas. He is also husband to Lawren and father to 4 children. 

As a member of the Outreach Team, Dustin’s mission is to use his platforms as a means to share Christ’s love with all of those he comes across. He begins every live stream on Twitch with “Yo, yo, yo. My name is PastorDoostyn and I’m a real pastor who plays Smash Bros, Doom, and everything in between.. all with the intention of sharing God’s love with the gaming world because I believe God loves gamers, and so do I” While a majority of his streams he likes to connect with the viewers by playing games, he also starts every stream with a “60-second sermon.” He says, “I’m just trying to use the gifts and talents God has given me to share His love and His Word with the gaming world.”

Additionally, Dustin is a co-host for God Mode Activated’s newest show, Pastors After Dark, where you can catch him every Sunday evening. Pastors After Dark includes four real life pastors hosting a roundtable discussion where they give real, raw feedback on questions that our community submits to us anonymously.

One thing you may not know about Dustin is that he used to play national level tennis. From ages 5-22, he played tennis nearly every single day. He even played on a full ride for the #1 junior college in the nation. He went on to become an All-American and was ranked top 15 in the nation in NCAA in both singles and doubles and received the highest award in collegiate tennis twice. The recipient of the award gets flown to New York City to attend the US Open, meet the Mayor of NYC, meet the players, etc. Dustin explains, “Tennis opened a lot of doors for me and gave me some awesome opportunities, but the funny part is I went from playing every day for 17 years to only playing about 5 times a year now lol. I’ve played enough tennis for 10 lifetimes, so I spend my time on other things now. I still enjoy it though!”

PastorDoostyn is a blessing to have as part of God Mode Activated’s Outreach Team. He is always willing to jump in and do whatever he can to share Christ with gamers. He wants everyone to know that God loves them and so does he.