God Mode
January 30, 2020
Get Involved
God Mode Activated is always looking for willing volunteers to help run our awesome community. We are currently recruiting for the following positions:
Event Coordinator (Staff)
Content Creators (Outreach Team)
Care Team
Connections Team
Prayer Team
Discord Events Team
All applications can be found in the #get-involved section in our Discord (https://discord.gg/HQfGDFj)
Vision Update
The Board of Directors thanks you for an amazing 2019. Through God’s grace, we were able to accomplish things we didn’t even imagine possible. In 2019, the community came together to raise $2,750
for charity and attended two conventions: GuardianCon and TwitchCon. As of writing this, we currently have 11 people working on our Prayer, Care, or Connections teams, 3
outreach team members, 5 volunteer staff, and 6 board members. We are blessed to be able to run a community of over 600 people and host 2 live podcasts: Pastors After Dark
and Agree 2 Disagree. We know that 2020 will bring even bigger and better things! We can’t wait to see what God has in store.

Our Mission:
God Mode Activated is committed to:
CONNECTING gamers to Christ,
ACTIVATING gamers in faith.

Our Vision:
God Mode Activated is a Christian gaming organization that seeks to connect gamers to Christ by meeting them where they are and planting seeds in their lives. God Mode Activated will elevate gamers all over the world, both IRL and in-game, to the next spiritual level and drastically change how they play THE Game. God Mode Activated seeks to connect with gamers through providing an impactful community,
both fun, and thought-provoking media content, and financial aid in times of need so that we can, in turn, earn a hearing for the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. We welcome both novice and seasoned players to join in fellowship with one another and to grow in faith and maturity together, all while shining the light of Jesus into the world of lost gamers.
For more updates and information check out the following video: https://youtu.be/PppvstOhl4M
Care and Connections Team
God Mode Activated is committed to reaching gamers with the Gospel. In order to help push forward this goal, GMA created the two teams that I oversee: the Connections Team and the Care Team. The
Connections Team includes myself, Rain, and PharrisStorm. Between the three of us, we reach out to new members in GMA’s discord via direct message and establish a
connection. We feel direct messaging provides a more personal approach. We want them to feel comfortable, ask questions, and we also get to know them by seeing what games they like to play and
more. The Connections Team also reaches out to those less active with the goal of encouraging them to become involved and build relationships. Our team is also there to
hype up discord events such as community game nights or trivia nights, just to name a few. The Connections Team wants to show that even though there are a lot of people in
the server, it is a place to make friends and learn about who Jesus is. As GMA has grown, there has been an increased awareness of the messiness in many people’s lives. We have an established
Prayer Team that is solely dedicated to praying for the members of the server and lifting up their requests. The Care Team was made to come alongside the Prayer Team
and provide aid to those struggling during difficult times. Each Care Team member had to go through an interview process to determine their spiritual maturity and ability
to engage with hurting people. The team is currently composed of myself, SuperShadow, DeadlyDillGaming, and Regener8d. The four of us are on a weekly rotation. During the week that one of us is
“on-call,” we are available to talk to people, provide biblical encouragement, and pray for them. In addition to being an ear to others, the team also provides care to the GMA
leadership teams. Each member of the team is assigned to either Mods, Outreach, Staff, or Board. They reach out at least once a week, check-in and provide spiritual support when applicable. Each member checks-in
with that group for a month and then the team rotates. The goal is to ensure that the leadership is being cared for so that they can in turn care for and manage the community. The Care Team is in constant
contact with the Prayer Team, relaying prayer requests and learning who is seeking assistance. These teams play different, but important, roles in building and advancing God’s
Kingdom in the gaming world. It is a true blessing to manage each team and see them working so hard to share the love of Christ. These teams of volunteers are people who have their own jobs and families, yet
give up their own time to attend to gamers. The time they put into GMA is highly appreciated and I’m so thankful that God brought these people to the discord and gave them a willingness to serve GMA.
Written by: FatherIronheart
Agree 2 Disagree LIVE Show
The showdown has arrived. What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? You get Kolt and Kennethan prepared to Agree 2 Disagree.
There are four topics ranging the gamut. One topic is picked by chat so you all are apart of the agreement…. Or is it disagreement?
Join us every Tuesday night at 9pm EST to watch the hilarity ensure: https://www.twitch.tv/gmaministries
Written by: Kennethan

Leadership Highlight:
FatherIronHeart, AKA Tyler, is a 28-year old Associate Pastor in Northeast Iowa, living with his wife and two daughters. Tyler has been a member of GMA since its humble
beginnings in October of 2018, but most recently joined the staff team. He is currently the head of our NEW Connections and Care Teams. These two teams are composed of
volunteers that work hard to help create a God-honoring environment where community members are encouraged and cared for. To gain a more complete picture
of each of these teams, see the above section of the newsletter where he outlines the role of each team. Outside of the gaming world, Tyler loves cooking. His favorite thing to cook is a big
spread of chicken or pork fajitas with all the fixings, such as bean dip, guacamole, and rice. When the weather isn’t freezing outside, he loves to grill. He likes to
experiment with different foods but can’t pass up a classic grilled burger or brat. Though he is fairly new to his current church, he enjoys spending time with the students
on Wednesday evenings. Once the weather warms up, he hopes to take his daughters out for bike rides to local parks as well as play disc golf and ultimate frisbee.
Something you might not know about Tyler is the story as to how his name, “FatherIronHeart,” came to be. He explains, “When I was in college and felt the call to
ministry, my roommate started calling me ‘Father’ even though we both attended a Southern Baptist affiliated church. Combining that with the fact that I am a dad,
‘Father’ seemed like a solid first part to my internet name. The second part of my name, ‘IronHeart,’ is a bit more complicated. The summer that I graduated high school, I was
diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever. This disease is quite rare and affects someone’s joints and heart. After spending a summer on bed rest, I was cleared to go to my first
semester of college. After my first semester I had a check-up with my cardiologist and found out that because of my Rheumatic Fever, my heart was leaking blood. The
damage to my heart meant that I needed to have open heart surgery to fix the leak. My Aortic Valve was damaged so severely that it needed to be replaced. The replacement
valve is prosthetic and when the room is quiet, you can hear the valve clicking. So while the valve isn’t actually made of iron, IronHeart sounded pretty cool. Thus, my
internet identity was born, FatherIronHeart.” FatherIronHeart is a blessing to have as part of God Mode Activated’s staff team. He is passionate, committed, and always willing to
lend a helping hand where needed.