God Mode News

January 15, 2021

Organized and Edited by Catastrophic


Get Involved

God Mode Activated is always looking for willing volunteers to help run our awesome community. 

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

-Event Coordinator (Staff) 

-Video Editors, Graphic Designers

-Content Creators (Outreach Team)

-Care Team

-Connections Team

-Prayer Team


All applications can be found in the #get-involved section in our Discord (https://discord.gg/HQfGDFj)

Not looking to volunteer? GMA has plenty of other ways to get involved including:

-Groups (Sign-ups found in the #get-involved section in our Discord)

-Bible Study every Thursday at 9 pm EST

-Weekly Game Nights

-Weekly Live Streams such as Pastors After Dark and Agree 2 Disagree


Financial Report

Hello GMA.  Big shout out and Thank You to all of our supporters whether through Patreon, Twitch subs, or direct donations through our website.  Without you, we would not be able to exist and do what we do. Thank You to all of the volunteers to make things happen and donating their time and talents.

We had some plans for 2020 that got waylaid by Covid that God willing we can do in 2021. GMA started the year off with $425 in the bank, received donations of $2,386 along with expenses of $1,443 resulting in a final balance of $1,368. Expenses were Giveaways, the Blessing Bank, care packages, the Minecraft server, graphics, and GMA admin items such as zoom, GMA website, and Google storage. We ended our Patreon page in favor of direction donations from our website via PayPal.  

For 2021, we have a broad range of goals that need support from the community. Taking 2020 as a foundation, we want to expand into 2021.  We are looking to support game-related items as more game servers, community games, tabletop games, and other great ideas from the community.

We also want to spotlight bible studies and streamers, host a streaming workshop, train and develop disciples and leaders, host IRL events, and possibly attend a convention with a Sunday service meet up depending on covid restrictions.

Written by: Kennethan


Vision Update & Looking to 2021

2020 was a HUGE year for GMA on all fronts and we are grateful to God for all of it! We’ve been able to impact more people for the Kingdom than ever before through the expansion of our Outreach Team, development of small groups, expanded teams within GMA, leadership development, and more. 

We have a lot to celebrate from 2020, but we believe that the best is yet to come! In 2021, we are going to focus on a couple of things that will help us to fulfill our two-fold mission of “Connecting Gamers To Christ & Activating Them In Their Faith.” We are going to do a lot of work behind the scenes to continue to develop the leadership of GMA and build out the structure of our organization. As Craig Groeschel often says “When the leader gets better, everyone gets better.” We are going to make sure we aren’t trying to pour from an empty cup. 

We also want to make sure our teams, structures, and procedures are all in order so we will be able to sustain the growth we are expecting to see this year. Where might that growth come from you ask? That would be from the second focus of GMA in 2021: content. We are going to commission the talents and giftings of the GMA community to create God-honoring, Gospel-proclaiming, Kingdom-advancing content across multiple platforms and forms of media. We have so many talented people who are a part of the GMA community and who believe in the mission of GMA. We are going to come together as a community to impact the gaming world for Christ this year. You can expect to see content coming from GMA as 2021 rolls on. We are grateful for all God has done through GMA in 2020, and truly believe that 2021 is going to be our best year yet! I, for one, cannot wait to see how God uses GMA this year and how brightly our light will shine.

Written by: PastorDoostyn


Outreach Program Updates

2020 has been crazy but God has opened huge doors for Outreach! We were able to revamp the Outreach Team by introducing Affiliates and Partners, giving more access to GMA but also equipping content creators in sharing the Gospel with the world. We now have a total of 20 Outreach members, 7 of them being Partners and 13 of them Affiliates and we are continually bringing on more content creators with the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel! We have seen many come to know Jesus this year thanks to our Outreach members! To God be all the glory! 

God has even more in store for 2021! Let’s keep reaching people for Him! If you are interested in joining the Outreach team, you can apply in the Discord or message me, MrMattato, we would love to equip more content creators in sharing the Gospel!

Written by: MrMattato


OneZero Article & Stephen Colbert

Happy New year GMA family!  This past year was a wild one for sure but we have been thankful for it. In a time when people had to engage with their faith online, GMA was ahead of the game with our established community and online presence. Last year we saw new faces join us in Pastor’s after Dark, Kennethan’s beard grow to a new level of Glory, our Partner and Affiliate programs creating amazing content while sharing the Gospel, and to top it off, we made it on the Colbert show! 

As we have been blessed with the growth we have also been blessed with exposure due to you all. Not just to Christians but to the world. We are so thankful for the article we were mentioned in a OneZero article in November and the flood that joined our social media profiles and the discord. This year we hope to take our content to a new level beyond streaming. We hope to be a resource you can turn to for your faith and for your gaming. 2021 is going to see our content extend from Twitch to other mediums as well. The best part of the year was getting to meet and see so many new faces creating content that pointed people to Jesus in the GMA family!  We can’t wait to see what God does this year. I pray we have the wisdom to continue to nurture the blessings he has shown us.

Written by: PharrisStorm


Ministry Updates

Over the last year, God Mode Activated has grown it’s Care, Prayer, and Connection teams. These teams have been an important part of God Mode Activated. They are responsible for making sure everyone knows they are welcomed in our server and that there are people who will pray with/for you as well as walk with you through difficult trials in your life. These teams have been refined over the last year so that they can better serve both the community and leadership within GMA. 

In 2020, GMA also started Groups. These are small groups that meet throughout the week. The goal of these groups is to point fellow believers toward Christ, disciple and encourage each other, and help strengthen the community. When Groups launched we had six Group leaders and about 20 group members. It is notable that we have a strong female group that continues to bring in women so that they have a community of women where they are encouraged and pointed toward Christ.

In 2021, GMA will offer a class called “Gospel 101.” This class will follow the book Gospel 101 by Jeff Dodge. This class will first be for anyone in leadership in GMA and then will be offered to the community. This class will teach its believers how to better understand the Gospel and how to articulate the Gospel. In 2021 we will continue to refine our Care, Prayer, and Connection teams as well as grow and expand our Groups ministry. 

Written by: FatherIronHeart


Extra Life 2020 Update 

Raising money for Extra Life has become one of GMA’s favorite annual traditions. We were so excited to get the opportunity to host our fundraiser yet again in November of 2020. This year, we opened up our team to the whole community. Total, we had over 15 streamers working towards our goal of $2,500. 

GMA dedicated a whole week to the fundraiser, where all the streamers took a few hours to dedicate their streams to their local children’s hospital. Many of our streamers played community games, had fun incentives, and even matched donations. On the last night of our week, GMA hosted a live-stream on our own channel where we played a Minute to Win it Game Show. The show was hosted by PharrisStorm who led the panel of PastorDoostyn, MrMattato, Kennethan, and Catastrophic. The viewers had opportunities to sabotage the players with their donations. Some of those donations even cost Kennethan the game, leaving room for PastorDoostyn to sneak in a win! 

The whole week was so much fun for our community. We are thankful for the opportunity to fellowship with one another and provide entertaining content. Most importantly, though, we are thankful for our community who SHOWED UP and SHOWED OUT to raise money for children’s hospitals across the country. We are pleased to say, thanks to your help, we were able to raise $2,539.00 as a community. We look forward to Extra Life 2021! 

Written by: Catastrophic


Leadership Highlight: DrHeals

DrHeals, or Jeff Evans, has been a part of GMA for about a year and a half. After a couple of months in the community, he became part of our outreach program and is now partnered with GMA and is currently the lead designer and editor. He is a 30-year- old Youth/Teaching Pastor from Crossville, TN where he lives with his wife and children. 

Evans creates content for two YouTube channels. The first being his DrHeals channel where you can find a variety of streaming and design tutorials and tips. His other, under ThatBoldLife or Jeff Evans, provides a variety of faith-based content and sermons. He can also be found live-streaming on Twitch, as DrHeals, where he streams a variety of content including graphic design, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, and most recently Dungeons & Dragons.

Outside of his content creation, Evans enjoys DIY, woodworking, playing basketball, and enjoys hanging out with his church’s teens, and playing ball with them. A few fun facts about him: He has never watched Lord of the Rings and up until he was 12, he sported a rat tail.

Be sure to check out DrHeals at the following links:



For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

2020 was a completely wild and crazy year. It was filled with panic, pain, and uncertainties. It was a challenge all year to keep eyes and heart focused on the Almighty King, Jesus, but as we enter a new year we should be reminded that each day brings new mercies and blessings, and new opportunities to be grateful and hopeful.

Through a personal relationship with our Saviour, we learn that there is a divine plan for us and an incredible future ahead for those who are in Christ. Because of this hope we can focus on the future God has promised us, being Heaven-minded to help us fulfill our calling and commission while on this earth.

When anxiety hits, fear is knocking at your door, your heart aches, money is short, patience is shorter, and uncertainties and bitterness set in, remember that you have a High Priest who understands and knows your every struggle and your every need, and has already solved the problems ahead of you. He is calling on you to surrender and let Him fill you with His hope and lead you to the future He has in store for you.

In this new year, let Christ be your focus and priority, and His hope and future be your goal. There is love, joy, and peace that surpasses all human understanding when you place Jesus in His rightful place as King of your heart and life. Follow Jesus to where real hope can be found.

    Written by: JeanneDArcc89