God Mode News

March 1st, 2021

Organized and Edited by Catastrophic


Get Involved

God Mode Activated is always looking for willing volunteers to help run our awesome community. 

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

-Small-Group Laters

Video Editors, Graphic Designers

-Content Creators (Outreach Team)

-Care Team

-Connections Team

-Prayer Team


-Event planners

All applications can be found in the #get-involved section in our Discord (https://discord.gg/HQfGDFj)


Ministry Updates

Starting in March, GMA is excited to offer a brand new class called Gospel 101. This class will seek to help those in attendance to better understand the Gospel and communicate it clearly and concisely. Gospel 101 utilizes a book by the same name, Gospel 101 by Jeff Dodge. The book will provide the outline and structure of the class including discussion questions and survey questions to ask non-believers to help students grow in confidence while engaging in spiritual conversations.

Each class will be recorded for those who cannot make it to the scheduled class. Keep an eye on the Discord announcements channel for how to gain access to those recordings. Anyone is welcome to jump into the class at any time, even without a book but note that the book will be very helpful in understanding the direction and content of the class. We hope to hold future Gospel 101 classes as more people express interest in the class and desire to be more effective at proclaiming the Gospel within their spheres of influence. If you have any questions or want more information, reach out to FatherIronHeart. 

Written by: FatherIronHeart


Outreach Program Updates

The Outreach team is still going strong! We just finished our first Outreach Workshop of 2021, it was extremely helpful in equipping the team with new ideas on how to share the Gospel through their content creation. The GMA Outreach team is always looking for content creators to join us, either as an Affiliate or Partner. If you are interested, you can fill out an application in our Discord or you can DM MrMattato on either Discord or Twitter!

Written by: MrMattato


Financial Report

Donations coming in have been down so far in 2021. Changing from Patreon to direct donations saw a reduction along with Twitch only paying out when the $100 threshold gets met.  We still have the carry-over balance from 2020 to let us keep moving along.

We were blessed to gift out a free copy of Rust in January. The Gospel 101 books for staff are a thank you for their volunteer time and efforts. Scholarships are available for anyone in the community wanting to join Gospel 101 but cannot afford them.

Written by: Kennethan


Leadership Highlight: MrMattato

MrMattato, or Matt, has been a part of GMA since day 1. He started out in GMA as an Outreach Affiliate and after about a year and a half, he became our Outreach Director. He is a 27-year- old Technical Director at Chesnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, West Virginia where he lives with his wife, Tropic, whom he met through GMA, and 3 nephews. 

As the Outreach Director, Matt’s role is to help coordinate the GMA Outreach Affiliates and Partners. He not only recruits for the team but also helps the current team with their content creation behind the scenes and even plans workshops for them. Being the Outreach Director, of course, Matt loves to stream and play a variety of games like Call of Duty or MTG Arena. For the past year, however, he has mostly been know as the Potato Pirate while playing Sea of Thieves on his channel. 

Outside of his content creation, Matt loves movies, music and sometimes he’ll even leave the house to go fishing. Even though he works in full-time ministry, he also loves serving at his local church wherever and whenever he can. Something you may not know about Matt is he used to be a DJ and toured with his youth group worship band.

Be sure to check out MrMattato at the following links:



Tribes Over Jesus

Who are you?  Where do you find your identity?  Where do you put your treasure? What tribe do you belong to?

It is very easy to find groups for your hobby, your work, your denomination, your political viewpoint, your whatever.  Finding these groups is made all the more possible by the internet with an easy click of the mouse.  As we get to know folks in these new groups and as we start to get more involved, we find 

ourselves investing our time, talent, and money into these groups and our group becomes our new tribe.  We lose sight of who we are supposed to be. We lose sight of being made in the image of God.  We lose sight that we need to put Jesus over our tribes.

Too many people let their tribes consume them so much they lose spouses, family, friends, and even jobs and their personal freedom.  So invested in the things of this world, they lose sight of the eternity of knowing God.

What tribe do you belong to?  Who or what has become first in your life? 

It is sad to see Christians put their tribe before Jesus.  If you are putting the tribe ahead of Jesus, you are not doing Christian well.  It is incumbent upon us to show the world that our trust in Jesus always comes first before our tribe.

This is not new.  Some of the early Christians tried to hold onto their tribe.  Paul and Peter faced opposition from the new Jewish Christians who were trying to hold onto their Jewish identity by making new gentile Christians follow the Mosaic law.   They were putting tribe over Jesus which Jesus came to show is not the way.

Let us learn from the past, from our own mistakes, the mistakes we see around us, and put Jesus before our tribe.

Followers of Jesus first.  Our tribes must always come after.

Written by: Kennethan


March Schedule

March 2nd – Agree 2 Disagree – 9pm EST
March 4th – Gospel 101 Class – 9pm EST

March 5th – The Chosen Series – 8pm EST

March 6th – Tabletop Night – 6pm EST

March 7th – Pastors After Dark – 10pm EST

March 9th – Agree 2 Disagree – 9pm EST
March 11th – Gospel 101 Class – 9pm EST

March 12th – The Chosen Series – 8pm EST

March 12th – Trivia Game Night – 9pm EST

March 14th – Pastors After Dark – 10pm EST

March 16th – Agree 2 Disagree – 9pm EST
March 18th – Gospel 101 Class – 9pm EST

March 19th – The Chosen Series – 8pm EST

March 21st – Pastors After Dark – 10pm EST

March 23rd – Agree 2 Disagree – 9pm EST
March 25th – Gospel 101 Class – 9pm EST

March 26th – Trivia Game Night – 9pm EST

March 28th – Pastors After Dark – 10pm EST

March 30th – Agree 2 Disagree – 9pm EST