One of the best ways to interact and be involved in God Mode Activated is to join our Discord server.
Community Discord

God Mode Activated is a gaming ministry started by 4 friends on October 15th, 2018. Our aim is to build an authentic community grounded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people of all backgrounds (both IRL and in-game). We also seek to outreach to gamers, share the Good News, as well as encourage and walk alongside one another as we grow in faith and maturity.

GMA has many things to get involved in such as Bible Studies, Live Streams, Game Nights, Community Gatherings, Convention Meetups, IRL Gaming Events, etc. You can usually find updates on when and where these events are happening in our #?events channel. To learn more about how to get connected into the community, we have a Connections Team that is available to help. Please check out our #?care-team-info section for more information.

Thursday Night Bible Study

Every Thursday night at 9PM EST, we have a community bible study lead by Pastor Doostyn. Everyone is welcome to join in and participate!

Game Nights

Our awesome events team likes to plan game nights for the community to get together and have fun playing games and sometimes winning prizes. Games range from titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Minecraft,Jackbox Games, Uno, and more. We runĀ all game nights at the Discord; be sure to join!

Community Events and Giveaways

We love to give back to the community that supports us through having fun community events and giveaways. Make sure to keep up in Discord and our social media to get in on these events and giveaways.


GMA’s GROUPS provide an opportunity for community members and leadership alike to join together in fellowship in a small group format. Though each group varies in approach and frequency, you can expect to be challenged in your faith or learn more about God, the Bible, and faith all while getting to know a group of gamers from across the world. All groups are lead by a trusted individual who is either on leadership or has gone through a thorough application & interview process.

No matter what denomination you are, whether you are seasoned in your faith or brand new to your faith, all are invited and encouraged to get involved in a group. If you would like to join a group, please fill out the following form:

GMA Small Group Signup