One of the best ways to interact and be involved in God Mode Activated is to join our Discord server.
Community Discord

God Mode Activated is a gaming ministry started by 4 friends on October 15th, 2018. Our aim is to build an authentic community grounded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people of all backgrounds (both IRL and in-game). We also seek to outreach to gamers, share the Good News, as well as encourage and walk alongside one another as we grow in faith and maturity.

GMA has many things to get involved in such as Bible Studies, Live Streams, Game Nights, Community Gatherings, Convention Meetups, IRL Gaming Events, etc. You can usually find updates on when and where these events are happening in our #?events channel. To learn more about how to get connected into the community, we have a Connections Team that is available to help. Please check out our #?care-team-info section for more information.

Join our community Discord here


Discord Moderators help run and manage the discord. They are here to answer questions, uphold the discord guidelines, and actively participate in the community.

Responsibilities include:
-Actively participating in the community by chatting with and getting to know discord members
-Being able to have patience, use proper discernment, as well as hold meaningful discussions
-Upholding discord guidelines in the form of DMing members, giving warnings, deleting messages, kicking/banning ONLY when absolutely necessary
-Attending a meeting with the board, staff and outreach team once a month

If you are 16+ and interested in joining the mod team, please fill out an application: 

Click here to fill out the form

Care and Connections Team

The purpose of the Care Team is to connect with those within the GMA community and aide those seeking help by providing encouragement, prayer, and godly insight into difficult situations. This is a trustworthy group of individuals with passions and gifts for community care.

Responsibilities include:
-Encouraging community members struggling with various life trials and tribulations
-Being able to listen and provide meaningful spiritual counsel
-Encouraging community members to find and stay active in their local church
-Praying for and over community members
-Working alongside the connections and prayer team to create a loving, Christ-like atmosphere

The Connections Team is a group of individuals who are actively involved in the community and connect new, or distant, members to the various activities and resources God Mode Activated has to offer.

Responsibilities include:
-Welcoming new members into the Discord
-Connecting members to others that play the same games, consoles, or have other similar interests
-Connecting members to resources GMA offers or other outside resources such as mental health organizations, local churches, ministries, and more
-Hyping GMA Community events such as Bible studies, game nights, and more
-Answering questions

If you are 18+ and interested in joining either of these teams, please contact @FatherIronHeart for more info!


We are currently looking to add another motivated, focused, and Christ-like individual onto the GMA volunteer @Staff team.

Position Responsibilities:

Event Coordinator 
-Oversee and schedule organizational projects/events (Including but not limited to Charity/Fundraising Streams, Convention planning, Meet-up planning, etc)
-Create and equip teams and committees to plan and run projects
-Work alongside Lead Creative and Social Media Manager in creating promotions for upcoming events
-Maintain good communication and document organization

If you are 18+ and are interested in the position please follow this link and submit an application:

Click here to fill out the form

If you have any further questions, feel free to send a DM to @Catastrophic!